Monday, November 25, 2013

Advanced Research Students to Present Research Findings on December 2, 4, and 6

Everyone is invited to attend the end-of-the-semester research talks for those students who are currently enrolled in PSYC310 (Advanced Research in Psychology).  These students have spent the entire semester working on their experiments (under the supervision of Dr. Diane Bonfiglio) and will be giving oral presentations of their results in SCOE 103 next week.  If you are free during this time please come out and support your fellow students! 

Monday, December 2
12:00 - Amanda Mayes - The Effects of Music on Learning w/Introverts & Extroverts
12:15 - Mary Moeller - Level of Expertise as Perceived by Peers
12:30 - Dylan Pelham - The Effect of Visual Stimuli on Emotions

Wednesday, December 4
12:00 - Savannah Battiest - The Effects of Humor on Self-Confidence
12:15 - Jacob Cook - A Biker, Some Fish, and a Cause to Persist
12:30 - Jena Schluter - The Effects of Peppermint on Memorization

Friday, December 6
1:30 - Mary Suarez - Music's Influence on Self-Efficacy
1:45 - Hannah Neumeyer - Name-Pronunciation and Character Assumptions
2:00 - Courtney Galligher - Glucose Effects on Verbal Memory