Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Study: Schizophrenia is 8 Diseases

What we know -- and psychiatrists have diagnosed for decades -- as schizophrenia may really be eight separate diseases, research published in The American Journal of Psychiatry suggests.  Click HERE for a summary of the research from CNN.com. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Intership Spotlight - Nicole Austin

During the summer of 2013, I completed an internship with The City Mission in Cleveland, Ohio. The City Mission is a non-profit homeless shelter for men, women, and children and is located downtown. The purpose of the mission is to not only give immediate shelter, but allow clients to enter a three-phase program that provides them with the skills to live on their own in middle-class America while teaching lessons with a biblical foundation. 

While at the mission, I served as an early childhood development assistant for children ages three to six years.  With the help of two other interns, I developed a nine week vacation bible school program appropriate for the different age ranges of children. Since I was with the preschool aged children, I also worked directly with case workers and the therapist to report behavior and warn them of any developmental lapses.  

The internship highly impacted the way I look at homelessness and those involved. It also allowed me to turn the information I learned in the classroom into practical skills such as watching for symptoms of certain disorders and designing a program that would allow children to learn based on their age. Moreover, the internship reaffirmed that I should pursue a career in psychology that allows me to work with children on a regular basis.   

Friday, September 12, 2014

Full-Time Counseling Positions

Three C Counseling is looking to hire two full-time counselors (40 hours per week) to work with adolescents and adults that struggle with addiction issues.  Successful candidates will receive their CDCA as part of their training if they are not already in possession of that certification.  Candidates should have a Bachelors degree in Psychology or related field, be at least 21 years of age, and be able to pass a background check.  Competitive wages, insurance benefits, and a vacation package are part of there benefit package.  Applicants should email Tim Batdorf at tbatdorf@threeccounseling.com or call the office at 419 522 5015.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ACHTUNG! AU in Germany Information Meetings Set

Are you looking for a unique study abroad opportunity that you can share with fellow AU students and faculty members?  Have you ever wanted to travel to Europe?  Do you want to have an experience that will create memories that last a lifetime?  If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, consider joining a long-line of psychology majors and minors who have participated in the AU in Germany experience.  Dr. Rene Paddags, director of the program, will be holding information meetings in the Student Center auditorium.   These meetings will be held on September 23rd at 5:00 and September 24th at 4:00.  For more information about this program endorsed by the Global Education department, email Dr. Paddags at rpaddags@ashland.edu.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alumni Spotlight - Dylan Pelham '14

I am currently a drug and alcohol counselor at Three C Counseling in Mansfield, Ohio. I received my CDCA (Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant) certification in the middle of July, so I have been counseling for almost a month now. In my job I help individuals with addiction develop skills and strengths they can implement to overcome their desires to use drugs or alcohol. I help educate clients on a variety of topics pertaining to addiction, such as how habits are maintained, the lifestyles that are created, cognitive distortions relating to addiction, and so forth. I have used many theories from my Psychology courses to help me counsel these individuals. As for my experiences, I have already met numerous individuals and have heard a wide range of personal stories, with each being as significant as the next. Since meeting with individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, I definitely have learned a few things as well! The staff at Three C Counseling also has been very helpful with providing insight and suggestions to provide alternate solutions to handle a client’s issue. Drug and alcohol counseling has been a great experience and I look forward to many more years of counseling!

Monday, September 1, 2014

How The Human Brain Gets Its Wrinkles

Students of psychology are well aware of the convoluted appearance of the human brain, which allows for a greater surface area of cortical tissue.  While the end result of a 'wrinkled' brain is a larger amount of brain area that can be devoted to complex mental processing, a question that has puzzled neuroscientists is how the brain develops in this way.  Click HERE to read a news release about research recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Edie Henthorne Experiences "AU in Germany"

My experience through the AU Germany Program was unforgettable. I had always wanted to travel to Europe and when I had heard about this program last Fall I knew this was my one chance to see a European country. Germany was beautiful and I liked seeing all aspects of the country. Unlike in America where everyone has a car, most Germans walk, ride bikes, or use the train for transportation. I really liked riding my bike with the other AU students in Wittenberg, the town which became our home for three weeks. Riding trains from city to city and going to restaurants to try German food and desserts was spectacular. My favorite cities to visit were Dresden, Leipzig, and Erfurt because they have so much history and are not built like any U.S. city. Shockingly, some of the cities are still being repaired from the damage of WWII. In general, everyone was friendly and willing to help even if they did not speak English.

I gained self-confidence by proving to myself that I can visit and navigate a foreign city without a guide. On my weekend excursion, two friends and I were able to get on a train, travel to Munich, visit a castle, and return to Wittenberg without any guidance. I was never afraid to walk to the local stores by myself in Wittenberg. Through this experience, I got to meet and become friends with 17 AU students and 3 AU teachers. All of teachers were amazing and willing to help in all aspects from class work, to food recommendations, to how to get train tickets. It is difficult to describe my entire trip with a few words, but it is defiantly a trip I would recommend for other AU students and I hope that I am able to return Germany one day!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Internship Spotlight - Shelby Gaydosh

This summer I completed my second internship at Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (LCADA). LCADA is a non-profit organization to help those struggling with addiction. When I started my first summer at LCADA, I had no idea working with addicts was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

The first summer at LCADA I was able to assist with the suboxone program; the program designed to use medication (suboxone) to help the opiate addicts with withdrawal symptoms and to block the euphoric effects opiates have on the brain. I was able to observe the individual sessions, talk to the clients, drug test the clients, and sit in with the client and the doctor since suboxone is distributed by a doctor, not a counselor. The second summer at LCADA I was able to observe more of the counseling principles. I was able to sit in on assessments, individual sessions, and also family sessions. I was able to practice progress notes and treatment plans and receive constructive criticism for what I should change and also told what I did correctly.

Both internships at LCADA were very helpful to me for my future goals. Although I did not know that working with addicts is what I wanted to do, I know now that this is what I want. Working at LCADA gave me experience through observation, which is important because you cannot learn to counsel through a book. This internship helped prepare me for not only graduate school, but also my future career.