Monday, December 2, 2013

Summary of Psychology Department Research, Fall 2013

Psychology department faculty and students were busy in the research lab this semester, as a total of 18 different studies were completed involving 4 faculty members and 23 students.  Some students completed independent studies projects, others completed research for their Advanced Research in Psychology course (PSYC 310), while other students served as research assistants for faculty within the department.  There were 199 students enrolled in PSYC101 that served as research participants, earning a total of 1,579 research units over the course of the semester.  As one unit is defined as a procedure that takes 20 minutes to complete, this means that there was a total of 526 continuous hours of data collection that took place during the fall 2013 semester.  Included among the 18 different studies were two online surveys that were completed by 324 respondents, and these surveys generated a total of 11,964 individual data points.  Now that all of the data has been collected, it is up to the faculty and student researchers to crunch the numbers to interpret what it all means!