Monday, April 29, 2013

Summary of Psychology Department Research Activities, Spring 2013 Semester

This spring semester the Psychology Department adopted a new participant management system called SONA Systems.  This software allows us to efficiently manage the many hundreds of experimental sessions that our faculty and students run in an effort to collect data for experiments and other research studies.  This spring our department awarded 1260 units to our PSYC101 students, with each unit equal to 20 minutes of data collection.  Thus, our department completed a total of 420 hours of data collection over the course of the semester from 14 different studies (12 of the studies were 'standard' laboratory projects, while 2 of the studies were surveys that were completed online through the SONA system).  This spring 187 students served as participants in research projects, which were supervised by a total of 18 different researchers.  Those individuals responsible for data collection were the psychology faculty and their research assistants, students enrolled in Advanced Research Methods (PSYC310), and those students completing independent studies.