Thursday, August 28, 2014

Edie Henthorne Experiences "AU in Germany"

My experience through the AU Germany Program was unforgettable. I had always wanted to travel to Europe and when I had heard about this program last Fall I knew this was my one chance to see a European country. Germany was beautiful and I liked seeing all aspects of the country. Unlike in America where everyone has a car, most Germans walk, ride bikes, or use the train for transportation. I really liked riding my bike with the other AU students in Wittenberg, the town which became our home for three weeks. Riding trains from city to city and going to restaurants to try German food and desserts was spectacular. My favorite cities to visit were Dresden, Leipzig, and Erfurt because they have so much history and are not built like any U.S. city. Shockingly, some of the cities are still being repaired from the damage of WWII. In general, everyone was friendly and willing to help even if they did not speak English.

I gained self-confidence by proving to myself that I can visit and navigate a foreign city without a guide. On my weekend excursion, two friends and I were able to get on a train, travel to Munich, visit a castle, and return to Wittenberg without any guidance. I was never afraid to walk to the local stores by myself in Wittenberg. Through this experience, I got to meet and become friends with 17 AU students and 3 AU teachers. All of teachers were amazing and willing to help in all aspects from class work, to food recommendations, to how to get train tickets. It is difficult to describe my entire trip with a few words, but it is defiantly a trip I would recommend for other AU students and I hope that I am able to return Germany one day!