Friday, April 20, 2012

Alumni Spotlight - Rebekah (Ressler) Bryson '08

Since graduating AU in Dec 2008, I received a job at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism.  I work with preschool aged children with autism and work on early intervention using Applied Behavioral Analysis to prepare them for public school or "mainstream" them or teach them skills that can prepare them for a vocational program.  I have been employed there for 3 years and really enjoy it.  I also started a Masters of Social work program at University of Akron.  I am really enjoying that and hope to work towards my LISW to be an independent social worker and be able to someday do independent therapy.  I am currently working on a field placement at the Pediatric Behavioral Health Department for the Cleveland Clinic doing assessments and evaluation for children and adults with ADHD as well as behavioral consults and therapy.  I LOVE IT.  That's were I would like to end up once I complete my schooling.