Monday, January 23, 2017

Reproducibility Concerns in Cancer Research?

Students of psychology have undoubtedly heard about recent reports showing that some psychological studies have failed to replicate, which has called into question the integrity of some research studies in psychology.  While the debate on this continues, now it seems that this problem is not limited to the social sciences, as a recent article on NovaNext reports this same issue is occurring in the field of cancer biology research.  The article states that "cancer biology is just one of many fields being scrutinized for the reproducibility of its studies" and cites specific examples such as "cancer scientists Begley and Ellis wrote that they had tried to reproduce 53 high-profile cancer studies while working at the pharmaceutical company Amgen, and succeeded with just six. A year earlier, scientists at Bayer HealthCare announced that they could replicate only 20–25% of 47 cancer studies".  Thus, it appears that the reproducibility problem cuts across at least several scientific disciplines.  Click HERE to read the full article from NovaNext.