Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Alumni Spotlight - Ed Hunt '16

Early in my time at AU, I remember feeling like I had to decide between majoring in Psychology or Business. After a couple weeks of deliberation, I finally realized that I can major in both! This decision changed my college experience and exposed me to opportunities including an internship with PepsiCo, a consulting job with Market Development Group, and even allowed me to intern in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with the American Leadership Academy. I am now starting my career with a new non-profit called the Nelson Leadership Institute, named after Ticketmaster co-founder Jerry Nelson. The goal of this company is to educate college aged men around the country by introducing them to mentors such as CEOs, doctors, and athletes. I am excited to work for a company that works every day to better the lives of others. I will be working for the Nelson Leadership Institute in Lakeland, Florida.