Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alumni Spotlight - Dylan Pelham '14

I am currently a drug and alcohol counselor at Three C Counseling in Mansfield, Ohio. I received my CDCA (Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant) certification in the middle of July, so I have been counseling for almost a month now. In my job I help individuals with addiction develop skills and strengths they can implement to overcome their desires to use drugs or alcohol. I help educate clients on a variety of topics pertaining to addiction, such as how habits are maintained, the lifestyles that are created, cognitive distortions relating to addiction, and so forth. I have used many theories from my Psychology courses to help me counsel these individuals. As for my experiences, I have already met numerous individuals and have heard a wide range of personal stories, with each being as significant as the next. Since meeting with individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, I definitely have learned a few things as well! The staff at Three C Counseling also has been very helpful with providing insight and suggestions to provide alternate solutions to handle a client’s issue. Drug and alcohol counseling has been a great experience and I look forward to many more years of counseling!