Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mickey Rogers To Complete Summer Internship in Thailand

Mickey Rogers will be graduating this spring with double majors in Psychology and Criminal Justice.  After graduation, she'll be preparing for a unique opportunity to intern for a Christian non-profit organization called Remember Nhu. Mickey will be spending most of June and July in Chiang Mai, Thailand working with the RNhu staff. This organization specializes in the prevention of human trafficking by going into poor villages in developing countries and assessing those who are highest for the risk of being trafficked. They then offer the children the option of coming to live in their half-way house where the RNhu staff can help them grow into independent individuals who are no longer at risk of being trafficked. While there, she will be living in the half-way house, mainly working with the children and observing what RNhu actually does. Mickey is very excited to be able to go to Thailand and have this experience!