Monday, August 13, 2012

Formal News Release for "AU in Germany 2012" Program

The Ashland University Public Relations office has published a formal news release for the "AU in Germany 2012" program.  Dr. Mitchell Metzger, Chair of the Psychology Department, was the director for the program and was accompanied by two faculty members (Dr. William Vaughan and Professor Fabio Polanco) and 16 Ashland University students.  Of the students who took part in the program, there were several psychology majors and minors including Ashley Christman, Alexandra Maus, Jalessa Brown, Hannah Neumeyer, and Caitlyn Miskiman.  For those students who are interested in the AU in Germany experience, contact Dr. David Aune (Chair of the Religion Department) or Rebecca Parillo (Director of Global Education) for additional information about upcoming interest meetings for the 2013 program.  Please click here to read the news release from the 2012 program.