Monday, February 27, 2012

Are You Interested in a Summer Study Abroad Program in South Korea?

Ashland University is providing the opportunity for two students from the College of Arts & Sciences to apply to participate in a Korean Studies Summer Program at Hannam University in Daejeon, South Korea.  The Korean Studies Summer Program offers students an exciting opportunity to learn about Korean culture and language during the summer.  The goal of the program is to guide each participant into a total experience of the rich and dynamic Korean culture in historical and contemporary social contexts.  An additional goal is to promote awareness of Korea's unique place among East Asian cultures.  The program attracts students from all over the world and is designed to accommodate students of all levels of proficiency in the Korean language from beginner to advanced.  A wide array of lectures, hands-on learning, and field trips will also allow students to explore and learn directly about Korea on a first-hand basis.  Areas of study include Korean language, fashion, science and technology, history, architecture, cuisine, cinema and culture, economy, family and society, intercultural communication, and martial arts.  The Korean Studies Summer Program is scheduled for June 18 - July 6 (housing opens June 16 and closes July 8).  Tuition, housing and field trips will be paid by the Office of International Programs.  Students are responsible for the cost of their flights, all meals, international health insurance ($9.60 per week), and personal spending money.

Daejeon City is geographically located in the center of South Korea, in the same latitude as San Francisco, Athens, and Lisbon.  It is the fifth largest city in South Korea and it is among South Korea's top six cities with a population of 1.5 million.  Daejeon is a beautiful city with many nearby mountains and other natural wonders that can be visited. 
Daijeon is also the home of the world famous Daedeok Valley, a science and technology research complex which is quickly becoming recognized as a hotbed of creativity and an area known for its technological accomplishments. Daejeon is famous in Korea for being a center for science and technology as it is also the home of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.  In fact, there are over 232 research and educational centers located around Daejeon -- it has become the place to be for any student wishing to go into the fields of science and technology. 

Students interested in applying to participate in this program should submit the following information to Dr. Dawn Weber, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Ashland University:  a) letter explaining why s/he is interested and how the program is expected to enhance their educational experience and b) a letter of support from one AU faculty member.  Application materials are due WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14.