Friday, April 1, 2011

Interested in Research on Romantic Relationships? Check Out Science of Relationships!

Psychology is a very broad field, and one sub-specialty of social psychology is the scientific investigation of romantic relationships.  If you are interested in a "down-to-earth" explanation of various research on romantic relationships, check out the new blog Science of Relationships.

The goal of the site is to promote the scientific study of relationships to the public by making research findings accessible to the general public.  The site features answers to questions that readers have submitted about relationships, summaries of journal articles, applications of relationship research to popular culture examples, and links to relationship research in the media.

In fact, our very own Dr. Mattingly recently contributed to the website, writing a short entry in which he linked research on approach and avoidance motivation to a McDonald's television commercial.  Click here to be taken directly to Dr. Mattingly's post at the Science of Relationships blog.