Monday, April 25, 2011

Alumni Spotlight - Joe Stupica '10

After Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology in the spring of 2010 I moved to Chicago, IL to work towards my Masters of Public Administration at DePaul University. Some of the classes I've taken so far have been Public Finance, Human Resources, Cross Sector Analysis, and Macroeconomics, among others. The classes so far have been challenging, but rewarding. There is a large focus on quality writing and logical analysis, both of which I learned while at Ashland University which has given me a large advantage over other students who's previous degrees did not focus on these details in writing. However, as expected graduate school grading is stricter. I have helped with a consulting projecting developing a plan for a local homeless shelter to attract more volunteers. This relates to why I choose to go into Public Administration, as I wanted to help people on a large scale and work in the public sector. For students who do not think counseling is where they want to go with their degree, I would advise them to look into degrees and jobs in the public sector. Living in Chicago has been amazing despite these winters, and it is certainly different than spending four years in Ashland, Ohio.