Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alumni Spotlight - Theresa Ardiri '10

Theresa Ardiri graduated from Ashland University with a psychology degree in the spring of 2010.  She writes..."I am having a lovely time here at Geneva College, and am in the Mental Health Counseling track.  The classes I took last fall were Group Counseling, Statistics, Human Development, and Counseling Theories, and my classes this semester include Socio-Cultural Foundations, Testing and Appraisal, Career Counseling, Ethics, and Psychopathology. The classes and professors are wonderful here, and I find them to be enjoyable, enlightening, and exciting. It is interesting that for me graduate school is easier than undergraduate school at Ashland. I think this is because everything is so focused, and I am only taking classes that interest me. Classes are fast-paced, but I find as long as I put in quite some time studying and reading the textbooks, I do fine on exams and papers. This fall we begin our practicums, and I am being placed in the medical center here in town (Beaver Falls, PA). I will be working there once a week with clients who have schizophrenia and mood disorders.  My ultimate dream job would be to work in a veteran's hospital. All in all, everything is going extremely well, and I am beyond thrilled for what the future holds for me!"