Thursday, February 3, 2011

Considering a Minor in Spanish or French?

Many of our psychology students take the Bachelor of Arts track,which requires a foreign language as part of the Ashland University institutional requirements.  Given the increasing population of non-English speaking individuals in our country, and given the number of our students who desire to work in counseling or some other human-services field, obtaining a minor (or major) in a foreign language will likely make a psychology major more marketable upon graduation.  For students that are required to take foreign language as part of their BA degree program, obtaining a minor consists of taking only nine additional credit hours.  That is, once students have fulfilled their institutional requirements by studying Spanish or French at the intermediate level (four semesters of language study), an additional three courses in the language will earn the student a minor.  For students that might consider a double-major with psychology and Spanish or French, an additional 8 classes (24 hours) beyond the intermediate level will fulfill the major requirements for foreign language.  If you would like more information about these possibilities, please see your academic advisor or contact Dr. Metzger at