Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Psychology Students to Present Their Research at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference

Congratulations to several of our Psychology undergraduates for being accepted to present their research at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference!  Below is a list of the students and the projects they will be presenting:

  • Jessica Bates, Lauren Goosens, and Nicole Valentine (faculty sponsor: Dr. Bonfiglio): Weight changes in first semester university students.
  • Rachel Carson and Kayla Hoover (faculty sponsor: Dr. Mattingly): The effect of self-expansion on effort exerted on a physical task.
  • Fred Grant and Falynn Almeda (faculty sponsor: Dr. Mattingly): Environmental factors on mood: A look at how clothing can affect people's mood.
  • Jennifer Schultz and Shawn Yambor (faculty sponsor: Dr. Mattingly): Don't cheer me up, I'm afraid to die: The effects of terror management theory and positive encouragement on motor skill abilities.
  • Nicole Tiberi and Stephanie Gordon (faculty sponsor: Dr. Mattingly): The association of attachment with romantic relationship satisfaction.
  • Megen Valerino and Sarah Sladick (faculty sponsor: Dr. Mattingly): Strangers: Why individuals accept their digital candy on Facebook.
Once again, congratulations!